Happy Easter! (Stuff I Accidentally Bought in Second Life, #2,907 in a Series)

Ever buy something accidentally in Second Life? Well, I visited the Easter Town sim in Second Life, and at the landing point I saw this sign:

Easter Bunny Outfit Sign_001.png

I clicked on the sign to see what was in the package, and then my fingers tripped over the keyboard and I accidentally bought it! Thought I may as well wear the damn thing.

Vanity Fair in Easter Outfit 23 Mar 2018_001.png

The egg basket with the matching pink bow was a hunt prize from RC Cluster from one of The Bunny Hop hunts years ago! It comes with a built-in AO (like most of Redd Columbia’s quirky gadgets) that not only holds the basket, but lifts my other arm to my eyes as if I am searching for eggs! Very cute.

Vanity Fair in Easter Outfit 3 23 Mar 2018.png

Happy Easter!

Vanity Fair in Easter Outfit 2 23 Mar 2018_001



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