New Sansar Update: Sits and Zippers!

Among the new features in the most recent update to the Sansar client (which happened yesterday) are two that I would like to highlight.

First, WE CAN FINALLY SIT DOWN! It’s not much—a cross-legged sit on the ground—but at least it’s a start. Here’s what it looks like:

Cross-Legged Sit in Sanar 11 Apr 2018.gif

Immediately, Sansarians began posting pictures of their newfound capability!

Picture by Beverly Zauberflote
Sitting at the Park.jpg
Picture by Sergio Delacruz
Picture by RetroMetallic

And second, we can now have working zippers in clothing created using the Marvelous Designer software! Here’s a picture of what that looks like:

zipper demo.gif

Ravioli has released a very funny superhero outfit for both men and women, in red or in blue, on the Sansar Store:

Zippr Superhero Outfits 11 Apr 2018.png

The Zipperman costume has supersized working zippers! (Click on each image for a larger size.)

You can pick up your Zipperman or Zipperwoman superhero outfit on the Sansar Store for FREE (thanks, Ravioli!).

Blogger Isabelle Cheren has posted a cute YouTube video in which she demonstrates all the animations currently available in Sansar, and even shows you how to combine them!

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One thought on “New Sansar Update: Sits and Zippers!”

  1. I’m loving my the sit. Frankly at my age I need to now and then lol
    It has a really smooth move to it but also what I like is it’s not reliant on scripted furniture.

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