Geekzonia: A Brief Introduction

Geekzonia is another social VR platform that seems to have stalled in development. Calling itself “a virtual reality Comic Con for every kind of geek”, the platform was intended to be a place to celebrate and promote geek culture: science fiction, horror, fantasy, gaming, comics, science, esports, etc.

The founders of Geekzonia explain their platform and the project’s goals in this February 2017 YouTube promotional video:

Here’s a year-old sneak peek video of the platform:

I was able to download and try out the client software in an idle moment sometime last year, and I remember thinking at the time that it was a platform which still needed a lot of work.

The team behind Geekzonia attempted to crowdfund its development via an IndieGogo campaign which failed to reach its target. The events calendar on the Geekzonia website hasn’t been updated since September 2017, and the software download link no longer works. It looks like Geekzonia has closed up shop, seemingly a victim of the competitive social VR marketplace.

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