Topik: A Brief Introduction

Ryan turns over a rock. Finds another social VR app…


Here we go, again

Topik is a mobile Android app which bills itself as a social VR platform, according to this page from BetaList:

Topik is the first social app created exclusively for the rapidly expanding mobile VR segment. Developed by startup Vertecx, the Topik VR beta release is now available on the Daydream platform and with support for additional platforms planned for 2018.

Topik VR.png

Now, I don’t have an Android device, otherwise, I would be tempted to download and try this one out. The only VR headset that Topik currently supports is Google Daydream.

Frankly, I’m starting to get rather weary of all the social VR platforms that are popping up. Make it stop!

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