Why Is Rezology Attacking Ebbe Altberg?

Ebbe Altberg, the CEO of Linden Lab (the makers of Second Life and Sansar) does not have an easy job. Steering any company means that you have to make decisions that the customers may not like. As I have written before, no matter what he does, he can’t win.

It would appear that Rezology (which I also have blogged about before) has some sort of bone to pick with Ebbe, replacing their regular store banner in the SL Marketplace with this bizarre image:

Rezology SL Marketplace.png

Now, you can disagree with a decision that a CEO makes, but comparing him to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, with a picture of starving North Korean children? That’s harsh.

A clue lies in this Rezology product listing for a “North Korean nuclear weapons official logo”:

North Korean.png

It would appear that someone has their knickers in a twist over the Sansar project. Yet another Second Life person complaining that Sansar is taking away company resources that should be spent on SL, I figure. (That would explain the starving children reference.)

Bizarre! I wonder what action Linden Lab will take (they’ll probably take down the offending item from the SL Marketplace).

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7 thoughts on “Why Is Rezology Attacking Ebbe Altberg?”

  1. This “getting your nickers in a twist” reaction is not unexpected. Ebbe has for years kept pouring money from earned from SL into the dead horse that is Sansar rather than putting much of the money into improving SL People are getting frustrated.

    I’ve talked to very few people in SL who don’t think Sansar is a train wreck. They also wonder why LL hasn’t seen the writing on the wall they have seen for years. As CEO Ebbe is the person responsible.

    1. How are we not seeing improvements in Second Life when we’re about to get animesh and have seen other significant feature changes since Sansar was created? And your group of friends is not statistically significant. Far too self-selecting when you speak as someone who can’t seem to be bothered to notice what’s going on around you.

      1. Yes, there have been some improvement to SL since Sansar started. But as usual with LL it is too little too late.

        Apparently the majority of SL generated money is poured into Sansar. A number of people in SL have seen the folly of that for years and tried to get LL to acknowledge it and improve Sansar development. It is like whispering in a hurricane and expecting something to be heard a hundred feet away. That SL people are “getting your nickers in a twist” is to be expected.

        No, my group of friends is not statistically significantly. I didn’t say it was. As it turns out most of them were not friends in the SL sense. But even though that was just a few people it does raise the question why I haven’t heard positive information about Sansar in world.

        By the way trying to inject veiled personal insults weakens what you are trying to say.

  2. We have seen more investment in Second Life since Sansar than we have in years. We have also seen it become cheaper to buy land.

    Linden Lab launching Sansar is no different than Pepsi Company coming out with a new drink. Second Life users really need to disconnect the two in their heads. It is two products that are merely operated by the same company. No different than blocks world or whatever that other LL product was called. Sansar is geared towards a different audience and was never promised to be SL user friendly. If we aren’t seeing investments because of Sansar, Sansar is just an excuse for not getting investments we wouldn’t have anyway.

    Besides that, this sort of reaction should never be expected. I don’t care what Ebbe is done. If the people behind Rezology are this upset, there is no excuse for them to do anything but leave Second Life. I for one will be certain to not buy Rezology products from here on out after this.

  3. @Lysana McMillan Animesh was due out nearly 8 months ago. It was in beta back in Oct 2017 and due to be out Jan 2018. Its almost August. Instead they focus on bakes on mesh which is a complete easy waste of time. They should work on being able to layer textures on items like every other game/VW has. Imagine being able to put a brick layer over the top of an AO map in game like you would in photoshop using blend mode multiply… thats what SL needs… not baked on mesh crap.

    1. Bakes on mesh has been talked about for some time and is one of many projects that have been worked on or released this year. You don’t seriously believe that Linden Lab said “nope, we aren’t doing Animesh, we are doing Bakes On Mesh instead” do you? And besides that, bakes on mesh is still in a project viewer just as Animesh is.

      Even if it wasn’t, projects get delayed all the time and one being done first doesn’t mean they are doing it “instead”.

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