Yadni Monde’s Creations in InWorldz

Among the many InWorldz sims that will be shutting down on Friday are those belonging to long-time prim sculptor Yadni Monde, who started off in Second Life and later moved over to InWorldz. Beth Reischl recently interviewed Yadni on her news show iNewz:

So I paid a visit to Yadni’s sims and took a few pictures:

Yadi 1 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 2 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 3 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 5 25 July 2018.png

It makes me sad to think that we may never see these wonderful and inventive creations again.

Yadi 4 25 July 2018.png

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