What Do You Do When You Can’t Log In to Second Life?

Every so often, you get the dreaded message:

Logins Temporarily Disabled 13 Aug 2018.png

So, what do you do when you can’t log in to Second Life?

  • Keep retrying?
  • Keep rechecking the status page?
  • Hang out on one or more of the many Second Life Facebook groups or Google+ communities?
  • Write a blog post? 😉
  • Go somewhere else (e.g. OpenSim)?
  • Do something else (ohhh, like maybe clean your kitchen?)

What do you do when you are jonesing for your SL fix, and cannot get in? Please leave a comment and tell me how you cope when you can’t log in, thanks!

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Can’t Log In to Second Life?”

    1. By sim, do you mean a different region? That is not possible when you can not log into SL. If you mean another virtual world, then yes. I am glad I can also use the Firestorm viewer to log into various Open Sim grids. 👌

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