Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Tommy and Emanuelle Full-Body Mesh Avatars by Altamura Are Again Available For Free!

UPDATE Sept. 28th: For a current, up-to-date list of free or inexpensive options for mesh avatar heads and bodies for female Second Life avatars, please see this blogpost. For a current, up-to-date list of free options for free and inexpensive male mesh avatar bodies, please see this blogpost

Damn, I just knew I couldn’t keep away from blogging! (I lasted 48 hours. So much for my holiday…)

If you missed the wonderful, well-made Altamura full-body male and female mesh avatars that were hunt gifts in the recent Men Only Hunt and Women Only Hunt, you’re in luck! Rumegusc Altamura has decided to make the former hunt gifts available as freebies right at the entrance of her store (see the red arrows):

Tommy and Emanuelle Altamura 25 Aug 2018.png

Now, in order to get these gifts, you must first join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatar group, which has a L$50 group join fee. Frankly, you should join the group and stay in it, because Altamura often has extra-special deals on mesh avatar bodies and heads at various events. It is so worth it! You are never going to get such a good deal on a fully-adjustable mesh avatar body at that price anywhere else!

Don’t forget to pick up the four lipsticks for Emanuelle and the nose piercing for Tommy at the smaller signs located next to the freebie panels.

For all the details on the Tommy and Emanuelle bodies, please read my previous blogpost about them.

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