Linden Lab Issues the Shop, Gift and Spend Release of Sansar

The latest update to the Sansar client software, dubbed the Shop, Gift and Spend Release, came out on Sept. 10th. Among the new features is the ability to pay another avatar in-world, a long-awaited feature that will encourage music performers and other types of jobs in Sansar.

Click avatar to send.png

With today’s update, we are now adding the ability for you to gift Sansar Dollars to another user. You will find the option to to this in the same menu where you can add someone as a friend, or mute someone. It is also available on a user’s profile through the People tool, which can be opened from Chat.

Sansar Dollar Gifting will start a default value of 100 and can be increased or decreased in increments of 10 and 1. There will also be a transaction fee of 15% for any amount of Sansar Dollars gifted (to a minimum of S$1). This is in preparation of (eventually) being able to gift objects, to prevent users from circumventing the Store.

For more information, please see the Gifting Sansar Dollars document.

In addition, you can now browse the Sansar Store from within the client. However, you will still be taken to the Sansar Store website to actually make a purchase.

Also, users in VR headsets will no longer have to take them off to style their avatar in Lookbook!

VR users will no longer have to edit their Avatar in desktop mode. You can now edit your Avatar in VR and you can enjoy adjusting Marvelous Designer clothes by simply reaching out and grabbing them.

And (in an answer to builders’ prayers), Linden Lab has finally added a Folders feature to Edit Mode. You can find this option in the Scene Objects windows. I’m sure I’m not the only builder whose inventory was getting rather unwieldy!

You can see the full list of new features and bug fixes here.

Unfortunately, as Inara Pey reported on last Friday’s Product Meetup, the eagerly-awaited permissions and licensing system in Sansar was not part of this release. due to some last-minute problems that still need to be addressed. Maybe next release.

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