The First Job Posting in Sansar: oYo Studio Is Hiring!

oYo Horses
oYo Horses in Second Life

On October 19th, Cato Fjukstad (who with Alfredo Varlese runs oYo Studios, perhaps best known for their line of breedables in Second Life) posted to the official Sansar Discord server:

oYo Studio is hiring Customer Service Representatives/Event Staff

oYo Studio is a content creation studio specialized in 3D and virtual reality. We continue to work hard to give you quality experiences. We are mainly located in Sansar ( and SecondLife.

Contact Cato (Sansar) / Cato Oh (SecondLife) for an application form and more information.

Best regards, oYo Studio Management

Cato and his partner Alfy have been particularly active in setting up various experiences and events in Sansar, such as the Arena Live Music Stage (which has hosted a number of live performers) and The Mainstreet Fashion Galleria.

Alfy's Arena 3 11 Nov 2017

Cato told me a bit more via Facebook Messenger:

oYo Studio is looking for staff, and I belive we are the first virtual company hiring staff in Sansar. Dont know if it’s interesting to write about, but I am trying to get the word out there to attract some good staff-members. Best regards, Cato

I agree that this is, as far as I know, the first company hiring staff for Sansar. Another significant first for Sansar!

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