Inara Pey Blogs the Sansar October Release Preview: Improving the New User Experience

Inara Pey's Blog 29 Oct 2018.png

I had fallen out of the habit of reblogging Inara Pey’s excellent summaries of the weekly Sansar product meetings. In her most recent post, I note with interest:


Starting with the October release, new users will be taken to an experience on logging-in to Sansar for the first time, and have a default avatar. The experience will be one of those currently populated with other people, the idea being to get new users interaction with other users as quickly as possible.

Which experience a new user is sent to will depend on a number of factors: whether it is public; how many are already in it (to avoid sending new users to an experience nearing its capacity and the possibility they may be re-directed to an empty instance); and those experiences that present a heavy  / long load time will also be avoided.

I think this is a wonderful idea! There are a number of other new features coming in the next release, which you can read in full detail over on her blog. Thanks, Inara!

(Note that the “October” release may be pushed back to early November.)

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