Anarchy Arcade: A Brief Introduction

Anarchy Arcade is something a little different. It’s not really a social VR platform or virtual world. It’s a way for you to organize all your games, links, and media in a three-dimensional space for you and your friends to visit, explore, and use. Anarchy Arcade describes itself as:

Anarchy Arcade is a 3D replacement for your boring desktop wallpaper image. It is a game/utility that mixes your real-life media with the virtual world to create a personalized 3D representation of your media collection and gaming career.
It is a 3D virtual world that grows with your media collection and can be used to actually launch and play the games and movies you love. It’s so customizable [so] that you could even use it as your personal 3D desktop. You could then invite your friends over to check out your media collection and Anarchy Arcade makes it easy for them to get your favorite media items from the sites that they like to use.

If you’re interested and you want to try Anarchy Arcade out for yourself, you can download it from Steam for free. You can also follow them on Twitter or Twitch, or join their Discord server.

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