UPDATED: Find Three Keys and You Could Win an Oculus Quest in The Expanse/SideQuest’s Contest!

Image from the movie Ready Player One

The company behind the social VR platform The Expanse and the phenomenally popular SideQuest have announced a contest on their Discord:

Are you interested in the Oculus Quest Giveaway? The rules are simple – there are three keys. The only clue you get is that the first key is on this Discord server somewhere. The other two keys (easier to find) are in The Expanse. Luckily for you there are only two spaces in the expanse right now so it should be easy enough. When you get all the keys combine them into a message on here to find out if you have won. Remember only the first person to get it wins even if this message is repeated. Thanks and happy hunting!

Here’s a link to The Expanse/SideQuest Discord server. Have fun!

UPDATE 5:11 p.m.: The hunt for the keys has now ended. I’ve been informed that a user named ThrillClinton was the winner of the Oculus Quest.

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