VRAVO!: A Brief Introduction

VRAVO! (yes, with an exclamation mark, like Yahoo!), created by a company called VRidge, bills itself as “the Virtual and Augmented Reality Presentations Platform, designed for Corporate and Education”:

The VRAVO! website

According to their website, creating presentations a four-step process:

  1. CREATE/DESIGN: Create your XR presentation using our web based platform, including engaging 360 Videos, Animated 3D Models, 3D Layered Slides, 3D Charts and more.
  2. SCHEDULE/PUBLISH: Schedule your next presentation  (or publish it for on demand access).
  3. PRESENT: Control your presentation in real time using our VRAVO! Presenter tools for Desktop and Mobile.
  4. ATTEND: Your audience will use VRAVO! Attendee apps to watch the presentation in virtual or augmented reality.

Here, “augmented reality” means seeing it through your mobile device like Pokémon Go, which I don’t consider true AR. (Their website says “Soon available for AR headsets”. I’ll believe that little bit of marketing hype when I see it.)

Here’s a couple of promotional videos for the product:

This second video gives you a better feel for what VRAVO! presentations can look like:

VRAVO! has mobile apps for Android or iOS devices. You can also attend VRAVO! presentations in virtual reality, using Android CardboardiPhone CardboardDaydreamLenovo Mirage SoloPico GoblinOculus Go/GearVR or Oculus Rift VR headsets. A viewer app is also available for TV devices: AndroidTVAmazon FireTV, and AppleTV.

If you want more information on VRAVO!, you can follow them on Twitter or YouTube. While I am not 100% certain that VRAVO! is truly a social VR platform (i.e., where you can have more than one person sharing an experience), for now I will be adding it to my comprehensive list of social VR and virtual worlds.

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