Sansar: Users Are Adapting to Avatar 2.0

Well, as expected, Sansar users are quick to respond to changes to the platform, and Avatar 2.0 is no exception. Longtime user Daisy Gator already has her new avatar look, created by Theanine:

And Solas NaGealai is, I believe, the first person to release new hair for female Avatar 2.0 avatars:

While Alfy is the first to release new hair for male Avatar 2.0 avatars:

And Lacie Linden posted the following funny video to the Sansar Discord, in response to the many complaints about the proportions of the Sansar female Avatar 2.0 (including my own):

So…. I figured out a unique workaround to make your avatar’s body rather ‘shapely’. Naturally, this meant that this had to be created. I shared it with a few of the other Sansar team members, but Ebbe thinks you all will also enjoy this. Without further ado… I present this smile-inducing “masterpiece”:

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