Some Days…

And this is exactly where I should have stayed today, safely away from the internet and people who are unhappy, upset, or angry at me for something I wrote on this blog!

Yes, I deleted an entire blogpost today, about one of the occupational hazards of being a blogger are how sometimes people get unhappy with what you write. And one of the people I wrote about (who feels I have been unfair to his platform) then messaged me to tell me that he was unhappy that I had said that he was unhappy! He ripped a strip off me for that.

In retrospect, I totally f***ed up by even saying publicly that I had talked with him at all today, and mentioning him in that blogpost.

So I apologized, and then I deleted the entire blogpost. It’s gone.

And this was after I had to calm down somebody else who was genuinely upset and angry about something I wrote, and who tore a strip off me as well via direct messaging on Discord.

You know what? I am going back to bed, pulling the covers over my head, and staying there.

VRChat Pick of the Day: Virtual Market 3

This evening, Jin led a group tour of various worlds associated with the Japanese anime avatar market, Virtual Market 3 (I blogged about Virtual Market 2 here). Once again, it was a truly mind-blowing experience.

CastelloMagica Hall at Virtual Market 3

Our group visited several worlds, each with a different theme, each with dozens of vendor booths selling avatars and avatar accessories:

Jin took this picture of us visiting the Shibuya by Night world at Virtual Market 3

Virtual Market 3 is on only on from Sept. 21st to Sept. 25th, so hurry down!

Oh, and did I mention? 7-11 is an official sponsor of the event! There’s a Japanese 7-11 store in each world of the Virtual Market!

Here’s a couple of selfies Jin took of our group as we explored various Virtual Market worlds:

We kept changing avatars as well tried on demo versions at the various vendor booths! (I’m the anime Victorian lady’s maid in black and white in the bottom-most picture.)