Second Life Spotlight: New Horizon Winter Land

Sometimes, when real life has me feeling bone-weary, I venture into Second Life to find peace. So tonight, in my guise as the Snow Queen, I went in search of some winter scenery to soothe my soul. (I find it interesting that in many of the newer social VR platforms, it is difficult to find winter worlds, unlike SL which has dozens, especially as we get nearer to Christmas.)

And I found what I was looking for in spades in the New Horizon Winter Land, with gently falling snow in a hushed forest, and the aurora borealis dancing overhead:

Beautifully landscaped, and set to a soundtrack of soothing new age music, I immediately felt as if I were in a real winter wonderland. I guess I am looking forward to winter after all!

The description of this place under its Search profile reads as follows:

New Horizon Winter land is a great place for photos or just walk around and get the feeling of the area, the calm cozy environment will give your soul some peace.

If you want to explore this wintry world, and experience a little peace as well, here is the SLURL. I highly recommend it.

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