The Virtual Existence Society Awards Ceremony

Today, I attended a special ceremony held at the Virtual Existence Society in Second Life, where I received an honorary title: Friend of the VES (I first wrote about it here.) I was one of three honorees who elected to attend the ceremony in person.

The VES Awards Ceremony
Luca, Our Mistress of Ceremonies

Xaos Princess received an award for her services promoting High Fidelity and other virtual worlds:

Erik Mondrian received his award for promoting Second Life through his art:

And I received my award for services to virtual world journalism (I decided to wear my new EXMACHINA mesh avatar for the event):

It was a fun event, with a good crowd in attendance! It was spoiled only by a griefer attack, which thankfully took place after the ceremony itself when we were chatting.

After the griefer was dispatched, I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours chatting with people who are as passionate about social VR and virtual worlds as I am! I’d like to thank Luca and the rest of the members of the Virtual Existence Society for the award and for the convival conversation.

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