How You Can Win Up to US$5,000 in Sinespace’s Contests for Content Creators

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my new role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).

Did you know that Sinespace has weekly contests for content creators? Each week’s winner receives US$500, and contests will run weekly through to February, and perhaps longer.

Last week’s contest winner, Punkerella and Booradley, came up with something I’ve never seen before, in any virtual world: colourful, interactive sea slugs!

In addition to the weekly contests, there are two major contests taking place over the next few months, with some seriously sweet prizes:

  • Out of This World: Create a unique, interactive and outlandish environment using the Sinespace SDK. The theme is “out of this world”, so create something unique, quirky and alien-like. The winner receives US$3,000 plus 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. The runner up gets US$2,000 plus 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. The contest deadline is Dec. 20th, 2019. (More details here.)
  • Carnival Games: Create a unique and engaging mini game using the Sinespace SDK and Lua (Sinespace’s scripting language). The game can be any carnival-themed game, from maze run, shoot the aliens, to anything you can imagine. The gameplay needs to have a way for players to score normal and bonus points, along with a leader board. The game can be single-player, PVP or PvE. The contest winner receives US$5,000 plus 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. The runner-up gets $US2,000 plus 1 year of Exclusive Creator membership. The contest deadline is Feb. 10th, 2020. (More details here.)

You can get details on upcoming contests, plus see all the entries for past contests, on this page. To find out more about becoming a content creator in Sinespace, here is some information to help you get started.

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