The Schultzies: I Need Your Help

And no, the Schultzy award will NOT look like this…
(Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash)

O.K., so… here’s the situation.

My idea yesterday evening for an annual awards show for excellence in social VR, virtual worlds, and the metaverse has landed with a resounding thud. (Which is what happens to most of my bright ideas, sadly.)

To organize and put on an actual awards show, even in the metaverse (and until we come up with a real and proper name for it, let’s just call it “the Schultzies”), is actually a much bigger, more complex (and frankly, more political) endeavour than I first anticipated. I will need some help.

So I am hereby putting out a call for volunteers who would be interested in helping me pull this event off. If you are also interested in the idea of an annual awards show, and would like to volunteer for the Schultzies (and no, we don’t need seat fillers…yet), please contact me in one of the following ways:

  • Leave a comment on this blogpost with a means of contact;
  • Use the Contact page on this blog;
  • Send me a message on one of the many virtual world Discord servers I belong to (my handle is always the same, Ryan Schultz).

It’s still way too early to decide on exactly what kind of help we’ll need to arrange, but some suggestions are: mesh content creators (we need a suitable award), a set/stage designer, people to set up polls to collect category ideas, then collect nominations in each category, etc.

If I get enough volunteers, then we can proceed. If I don’t, then I will set the idea aside for a year or two, until the metaverse matures a bit more.

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