Saying Good-Bye to Sansar (Part II)

I’m still feeling extremely depressed today.

Rather than continue to flip-flop on Sansar, I’m going to stick with my decision to leave the platform. I just feel heartbroken about the direction Sansar is taking, and I realize that I have been a little too emotionally invested in the platform overall (after all, Sansar was the reason I started this blog in the first place).

Sometimes, I care a little too much about things, instead of being dispassionate about them. And this time, rather than try to fix things, I just need to let things be.

In retrospect, I became the one person whom people would talk to whenever they had complaints about how Linden Lab was running Sansar, hoping that I would blog about the issues in an editorial. And sometimes I did. But over time, all I heard about Sansar was the negative things that were going on, instead of the positive things, and I can see now how that it has worn me down. When it comes to Sansar, I am completely burned out.

I have learned my lesson, and I won’t be making the same mistake with over virtual worlds I write about. In future, I will be more resolute, more dispassionate.

But today, I am feeling depressed, heartbroken, and just plain worn out—hardly the best state to start off a new year. So I will be taking a couple of days off from blogging, to give myself an opportunity to heal a bit. I’ll be back after I have had a chance to rest and recover.

As for Sansar, I am going to stick with my decision to stay away for now.

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5 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Sansar (Part II)”

  1. Hi Ryan, I’m so sorry about how depressed you’re feeling. It saddens me because I literally just spend all new year’s day playing around with world building in Sansar (and a tiny bit with High Fidelity). But I was getting excited about how nice Sansar looked. My boyfriend even put on the Oculus and looked at it and ran around my island and commented about how the graphics were “as good as Assassin’s Creed”. I’ll continue to play around, but will watch your blog and Discord channel for a better alternative. I admit I was getting a little frustrated trying to edit objects. Sigh. Happy new year anyway.

    1. Please don’t let my feelings about Sansar sway you. I encourage you to give it a good try, and to join the official Sansar Discord server if you have any questions or need help.

  2. When you find the strength, please consider to build a second world in Sansar Ryan. In the year 2020. You are missing your private lab inworld. We had a few arguments in the past but always constructive. We are the same age as a Sansarian and we had our own evolution there. Despite any criticism I am happy to build in Sansar & especially see the first students from even India being very happy dancing in the Nexus yesterday, just want to tell you that to cheer you up. Greetings, Retro Metallic from Maya City.

    1. Thanks Retro! I don’t expect to be gone from Sansar forever, but I do need to stay away for now. I’m just burned out on Sansar.

  3. I gave it fair run for a over a year and it never really managed to capture my attention. Time spent became less and less over time. Sure the content is very high gloss, but it does not have the same sense of “community” that I continue to find in Second Life. When they announced a shift in focus, that gave me more reason to leave. I have no regrets and wish LL all the best with the product.

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