Decentraland Will Open to the General Public on February 20th, 2020

Image from the Decentraland website

Those of you who have been waiting on the sidelines while Decentraland develops will not have to wait much longer to pay a visit. In a blogpost on their official blog, the developers have announced:

On 20.02.2020, our dream of creating a unique, fully decentralized shared virtual world becomes a reality.

Decentraland, the first ever blockchain-based virtual world, is going live to the public.

The launch includes the establishment of the Decentraland DAO, full decentralization of the world’s infrastructure (communications between users and the serving of content), and, most importantly, public access to the very best the Metaverse has to offer. From now on, no single agent will have the power to modify the rules of the software, curate LAND content, modify the economics of MANA, upgrade the LAND smart contract unilaterally, or prevent others from accessing the world, among other decentralization features.

You should be aware that if you want a custom avatar name, that you will have to pay for it, which means setting up a crypto wallet and buying some cryptocurrency (ETH or MANA) on an exchange. The cost is 100 MANA, which works out to about US$3.50 at the current exchange rate.

It remains to be seen just how popular Decentraland will be among the non-crypto, average consumer, but it looks like we will find out this year! I wish the company good luck on their public launch.

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