Editorial: See You in September

It wasn’t until I was relaxing on my sofa this evening, reading through my Twitter feed, that I came across this tweet and I realized: my blog is three years old today.

On July 31st, 2017, I started what was then called the Sansar Newsblog, launched the same day that the doors of Sansar opened to the general public. Obviously, I have somewhat mixed feelings about Sansar at this point.

I wish the Sansar project well, but I no longer feel very attached to, or engaged by, the platform. Perhaps that’s a good and necessary thing: I learned that it’s not wise to get too emotionally attached to any platform, no matter how much initial promise it shows.

So it’s a very good time for me to take a break, pause, and reflect on my journey of the past three years. I know that I have said that I will be extending my self-imposed vacation from the RyanSchultz.com blog, but this time around, I am firm in my resolve to step away. I am feeling jaded, cynical, a bit overwhelmed, and weary.

And, as I have said before, I will be needing to work extra hours (including evenings and weekends) on various projects at my full-time paying job with my university library system, all of which require my time, attention, and energy. I regret that I will not have any time to devote to blogging over the next month.

So this will be my last blogpost until September 1st, 2020. I am taking the entire month of August completely off: absolutely ZERO blogging about virtual reality, or any virtual world or social VR platform. Nothing.

Of course, I still plan to visit and explore various virtual worlds and social VR platforms in my month off; I just won’t be writing about them.

I apologize if I sound bitter. I’m just tired. I hope that all of you reading this understand that I am dead tired. I desperately need to recharge my batteries. I have written 1,979 blogposts in three years, which is one hell of a lot by any standard, and the circumstances feel right to me to take the next month off—completely off, not sorta-kinda-off.

See you in September!

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