Housekeeping Notice: 58 Years and 1 Day

Yesterday was my 58th birthday (hence the subtitle of this post), and between work, the cold and snowy winter weather, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I find myself stumbling through the days like a zombie. I drag myself out of bed, and I push myself to get even the simplest of tasks done. I fall into bed like a dead man at the end of every long, weary day. I am tired.

I recently posted this animated GIF to Twitter with the comment: “Is anybody else out there just feeling emotionally and mentally battered by this point of the pandemic?”

I am feeling absolutely exhausted and completely beaten down by all the suffering, sickness, and death all around me (another 23 Manitobans died from COVID-19 this weekend, 16 in my city of Winnipeg). I am essentially barricading myself in my apartment, working from home until this punishing Omicron wave has subsided. And I need to refocus on my full-time paying job as an academic librarian; I have firm deadlines to meet, and classes to prepare for and teach.

So this is all my lengthy preamble to tell you: don’t expect a lot of blogposts from me over the next little while. Like the cartoon cat falling in a heap off the cartoon chair, I can’t. I’m sorry. Something has to give, so it’s the blog, at least for now, at least for a little while.

Stay safe, sane, and healthy in these unprecedented times!

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7 thoughts on “Housekeeping Notice: 58 Years and 1 Day”

  1. Happy 58th and please do take care of yourself first. As the family carers say, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” All the best.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and fear not, it is indeed a tricky time for all of us (wherever we live in the world!), so enjoy any break you can get, your blogs are a great read regardless of cadence, as quality over quantity, all good, stay safe! 🙂

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