Sansar Creator Challenge Winners

Garden of Dreams Kayle Matzerath 10 August 2017

The winner for Best Overall Experience, Garden of Dreams

Just prior to the launch of the creator open beta, Linden Lab held a contest for the creators participating in the closed beta. They have just announced the winners of that contest.

The challenge was an opportunity for creators to push the envelope of the features and tools currently available in Sansar, and it resulted in some awesome creations that everyone can enjoy now that beta is open to the public.

We want to thank each and every one of our talented preview participants who submitted something to the challenge. It was great to explore each and every unique perspective, and we are excited to see that creativity grow as we add more features and tools!

Best Overall (winning a US$10,000 prize) & Best Gaming Experience ($5,000) – Garden of Dreams by Kayle Matzerath

Best Media Experience ($5,000) – LagNMoor by Maxwell Graf

Best Sound Design in an Experience ($2,500) – Secrets of the World Whale by Teager

Best Narrative Design in an Experience ($2,500)- Through The Waterfall: Enter Another World by Jasmine

Best Use of Physics ($2,500) – 114 Harvest by Draxtor and Ria

Best Visual Design ($2,500) – An Evening At The Ballet by Bryn Oh

Best Use of Scripting ($2,500) – Do Not Lose by Wade665

Congratulations to all the winners! Go read the entire blogpost over at the Sansar web site to see all the winning Sansar Store items (winning $1,000 each) and all the honourable mentions.

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