Old Sansar Studios Outfits Have Been Removed from the Sansar Store

Outfit Outlay Cowgirl 2 August 2017

Some fashion news in Sansar!

Well, my plea to release the outfits was ignored by Linden Lab.

But a sharp-eyed user has noticed that Linden Lab has removed all the outfits created by Sansar Studios, that were once listed in the Sansar Store! Go ahead, take a look for yourself. They’re gone.

I can only assume that this means that when they do release the new fashion market (apparently still on target to be released before the end of this year, according to Jenn), that the old outfits will no longer work.

That’s a shame for those people (like me) who spent Sansar dollars on fashion that will soon be obsolete. But it’s still exciting to anticipate new outfits with cloth physics enabled, as has been promised by Bjorn and others at Linden Lab!


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