Pick of the Day: All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small is a new Sansar experience created by Zenpoly Baker. You arrive at a campsite with a fire burning, a dog, and a monkey sitting in front of a plaque on the ground, on which is written:

All Creatures Great and Small 4 13 Nov 2017

As you wander around the island, you realize that you are in a magical world of larger-than-life-size animals:

All Creatures Great and Small 3 13 Nov 2017All Creatures Great and Small 5 13 Nov 2017

As a child, I used to play with a Noah’s Ark of plastic toy animals. I would spend hours playing with them! Visiting this experience brought me back to those happy memories.

Eventually, I did find the one flower crown that teleported me to the land of normal-sized animals. Can you find it?

All Creatures Great and Small 1 13 Nov 2017.jpg


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