Pick of the Day: Christmas Night

As of today, it’s less than a month until Christmas Day! Seasonal events are in full swing over at Second Life, so I thought I’d check the Sansar Atlas to see what Christmas experiences were there. One of them is Christmas Night, by Aude Adored, owner of the Poisoned Diamond store in SL. She writes in her description:

Christmas is here. No one should have to spend the christmas night alone, so this is the place for everyone who wants to celebrate and make new friends.

This is a warm and inviting experience, dimly lit with Christmas lights and a collection of white pillar candles in the fireplace. Stockings are hung on the mantle.

Christmas Night 26 Nov 2017

This is a lovingly-created space, and I hope that it will be used as Aude intended: for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company over the holidays, which can be a lonely time for many people.

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