Second Life Update: Belleza Female Mesh Bodies Finally Get Bento Hands

This week, the announcement went out that Belleza female mesh bodies finally got Bento hands (i.e. hands with fingers that could be animated). Since I have an alt with a Belleza Freya mesh body, I went over to the Belleza store in-world to get a redelivery of the body. (You could also just wait for an automatic delivery of the update, but I was impatient.) The new version, 5.0, has Bento hands and a bunch of other new features.

So far, the only problem I have had is that the Belleza appliers that came with my Akeruka Lulu Bento mesh head don’t work with the version 5.0 body. But I have picked a Belleza skin tone that matches my Lulu head as best I can, and I hide the slight neck seam with a choker. Hopefully, either Belleza or Akeruka can fix the problem soon!

Here’s a short video of what my alt looks like now:

As you can see, she’s got curves in all the right places, and a body for sin! No, she doesn’t escort, but she does table dance for tips on an adult sim, the only SL avatar I have that actually earns any money instead of spending it! She does quite well most evenings, thank you 🙂

Here’s what she’s wearing:

  • Head: Akeruka Lulu Bento head (group gift dollarbie from a special held last year; Akeruka has issued four dollarbie Bento mesh heads—two female, two male—in the past year to members of their group, so it’s well worth joining)
  • Body: Belleza Freya mesh body (new version 5.0 Bento)
  • Nails: Aleutia Manicure Polish applier (a gift from the Cosmopolitan 5th Anniversary event)
  • Hair: Milena Blond hair by MINA (free gift from the recent Land of Rainbows Easter Egg hunt)
  • Lips: SlackGirl NeNe Lips Set 1 (bought at the Akeruka store)
  • Choker: Nina Choker by RxK (free from the excellent freebie store at Ajuda SL Brasil; this landmark should help direct you to the panel from the landing point)
  • Minidress: Red Latex Mini by Daddy’s Choice Designs (free gift from a previous hunt)
  • Thong: Addams Freebie Lingerie Panty (group gift)
  • Shoes: Cinzia pumps by KC Couture
  • And I decided to treat my alt to a brand new Bento animation override, the Esther AO by Vista Animations. It comes in three sizes—for slim, medium, and curvy avatars—and as a bonus, it also comes with a cellphone and a cigarette with their own built-in AOs!
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