The Endgame Talk Show in VRChat Celebrated Its First Anniversary

This past Wednesday, April 4th, was the one-year anniversary of the popular talk show Endgame in VRChat, so I decided to drop by and see what’s happening. The talk show, which is held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm Pacific Time, is hosted by Nomono, Poplopo, and Psych. Over the past year, Endgame topics have ranged from bitcoin and blockchain technology to virtual culture to artificial intelligence to biotechnology to transhumanism, and just about everything in between! The show has been a real success story in VRChat, and a great example of the promise of social VR platforms in fostering better communication and understanding between people.


The topic of group discussion was: what will the world look like in 150 years? Although I did not stay until the end of the discussion, there was the usual lively debate on what we can expect our future society to look like: the impact of climate change, the use of technology to prevent aging, even the possibility of uploading our consciousness to computers.

Endgame has a website where you can go for more info about the show. There’s also an active Discord discussion channel run by the people behind Endgame, called Deep Thoughts. You can join it by clicking on this link. There’s also a list of videos of past episodes of their show on their YouTube page.


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