The Voices of Sansar Talent Competition Has Been Postponed

Voices of Sansar 4 12 May 2018.png
The three judges and the Arena Live Music Stage

Unfortunately, due to severe technical difficulties with audio streams in Sansar, the Voices of Sansar talent competition has had to be rescheduled for a later date.

This was NOT Sansar’s finest hour. I had to re-log into Sansar SIX. TIMES. in order to fix the sound problems, and it was so bad that I even had to reboot my entire computer, TWICE. A couple of times when I tried to sign in again after logging out, it wouldn’t even reload the software, and the times when it did reload, it wouldn’t even recognize my password!

Maya did her level best to fix the problems (including a particularly obnoxious troll), but after the first three singers, they decided to call a halt to the proceedings. Alfy is to be congratulated for even trying to hold this event, given all the serious technical hurdles he encountered.

Voices of Sansar 2 12 May 2018.png

It’s such a shame. We had a good turnout (35 at one point according to the Sansar Atlas). It’s clear that there are some major, serious bugs with streaming audio that need to be fixed before we can try to do something like this again. Truly frustrating indeed.

Well, this has been quite the day. I’ve enjoyed both the best (hosting guests at my own experience) and the worst (this technical nightmare) that Sansar has to offer.


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