Sinespace Shop Spotlight: An Avatar Facial Driver Using Your Webcam

I decided today that I should visit (and blog about) a few other virtual worlds, other than Sansar. today. First stop was Sinespace, where I discovered this very interesting product for sale in the Sinespace Shop:

Sinespace Facial Driver 13 May 2018

The text reads:

This nifty item will animate your avatar’s face and torso from a connected webcam in realtime. Note: This feature only works on Windows and Mac downloaded clients. Facial coverings such as glasses can interfere with the tracking.

Here’s a one-minute YouTube video showing the facial driver in action. Very cool!

Now, I do wear glasses, otherwise, I would be tempted to spend the 800 Gold to buy this (that works out to about US$7.30) to try out this software add-on. (UPDATE: Sine Wave Entertainment’s CEO Adam Frisby told me he would send me a review copy to try it out. Thanks, Adam! I will let you know how well it works for me.)

Once again, Sine Wave Entertainment is really doing some innovative things with the Sinespace social VR/virtual world platform.

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