Two New Sansar Blogs: Sergio Delacruz and The VirtualTrotter

It’s wonderful to see new Sansar blogs popping up in the blogosphere! Here are details on two more that I found this morning.

Sergio Delacruz is a talented Sansar content creator and scripter who already has quite a few items up for sale in the Sansar Store:

Sergio Delacruz 18 May 2018.png

The VirtualTrotter is a Sansar blog by Sarah, who describes herself as:

I’m Sarah the author of The VirtualTrotter and Fashion Salad SL.  I love to explore new places in Sansar and Second life, fashion and having fun taking pics! I hope you like my work!

The VirtualTrotter 18 May 2018.png

Both new blogs have been added to my blogroll on the blog.

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