The Most Popular Sansar Experiences in the Past Six Months

Gindipple shared with the people on the official Sansar Discord channel some statistics he been collecting automatically through his software program over the past 6 months:

Most Popular Sansar Experiences 10 July 2018.jpg

He says that “Visitors” are not actual visitors, but a count of visitors every 2.5 minutes. so think of the figures in the Visitors column of this chart as a sort of traffic count.

HoverDerby logo 8 Apr 2018

The Top Ten most popular Sansar experiences are:

  1. HoverDerby by Galen, Jasmine and Drax
  2. The Beach by C3rb3rus
  3. 114 Harvest by Ria and Drax
  4. Ready Player One: Aech’s Garage by Sansar Studios
  5. Arena Live Music Stage by Alfy
  6. The Beach (At Night) by C3rb3rus
  7. The Combat Zone by Gindipple
  8. Bowling Alley by Gindipple
  9. Ready Player One: Aech’s Basement by Sansar Studios
  10. 2077 by C3rb3rus

What’s interesting is that, of these Top Ten, three of them are experiences which host live music (both the Beaches do, I believe, and also the Arena Live Music Stage). Another three experiences in the Top Ten are games (HoverDerby, The Combat Zone and the Bowling Alley). Another two are experiences created by Sansar Studios, based on the popular movie Ready Player One. Three of the Top Ten experiences were created by C3rb3rus, two were created by Gindipple, and another two have Draxtor Despres involved.


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