Inlight Spark: A Brief Introduction

Inlight Spark is a social VR app available for free on the Oculus store:

Inlight Spark is where you can meet, chat and collaborate with people in VR. You can share screens, draw 3D sketches, and create spaces for different activities.

Working remotely has always been difficult for most of us, even with the help of instant messaging, voice & video calls. There’s always this invisible barrier that makes you feel not totally “there”.

In Spark, you can have meetings and collaborative experiences that are much more fun, and engaging than video calls. It’s the closest thing of actually being in the same space with your coworkers, but in some way even better. (working from home in pajamas, anyone?)

You’ll have an infinite canvas where you can express your ideas, and the possibility to set a time portal so you can always revisit your work.

It makes remote meetings and collaborations that much better!

Here’s the promo video:

Well, I downloaded and tried out this program, and you seem to be stuck in one spot, without the ability to move around (although you can grab objects and drag them closer to you). I found it a little awkward to use the provided tools, such as drawing and typing in space. The Snapshot tool gives you a snapshot, but as far as I could tell, it didn’t save it anywhere on my computer for later use. All in all, Inlight Spark is really not that terribly impressive.

Even worse, when you try to access the website, my Chrome web browser gives me a security warning! The website has very little information about the product, and only a couple of poorly-chosen screenshots. The press coverage section doesn’t include any links to the actual articles talking about Inlight Spark.

Overall, I’d skip this one.

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  1. Makes you wonder: how many of these things popping up all over the place are scammish, fake-ish, quick rip-offs simply out to get your money? Much like scam phonecalls?

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