Neutrans: A Brief Introduction


Neutrans is a social VR app made by a Japanese company called Synamon, available on the Oculus store:

NEUTRANS is a customizable VR shared-spaces solution with a focus on simple, intuitive controls and multiuser interactions. This app demonstrates the capabilities of the system, allowing up to 4 players to interact with each other in up to 3 rooms.


  • Grab, Enlarge/Shrink, Throw
  • Inventory System
  • Teleport-based Movement
  • Voice Chat
  • 3D Drawing & Whiteboards
  • Camera (Images saved in UserData\Snapshot)
  • YouTube & Image Viewer
  • Enlarge/Shrink Avatars
  • Customizable Wallpapers
  • Virtual Desktop & more!

Explore the possibilities that VR spaces can enable: Remote conferencing, VR storefronts & showrooms, using it as a base to develop demos on, and everything in-between.

Here’s the promotional video:

I downloaded the software and tried it out, and it has all the basic features, including a video player and a whiteboard. You can pick up and move objects using the laser pointers on each hand. You can teleport from one location to another. There’s only four default avatars to choose from, though, and they are all hideous! But overall, this is a promising start for a social VR platform. 

Their website could use a professional Japanese-to-English translator; there’s some pretty fractured English there. This is yet another social VR product to check back on in 6 to 12 months to see if anything new has developed.

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