Sam Tucker Takes On Somnium Space

Sam Tucker is a comedian who makes YouTube videos about technology. His YouTube channel, called SAMTIME, has nearly 200,000 subscribers.

Today, Sam released his latest video, a rather funny look at the social VR platform Somnium Space, titled Virtual Real Estate! The Only House Millennials Can Afford!:

Even if you know nothing about Somnium Space, I still recommend you watch this video. Sam actually does a pretty good job of describing Somnium Space’s features, while gently poking fun at things such as that “Live Forever” feature which (let’s face it) is such an easy target to make fun of.

And I cackled with laughter at the wickedly clever insertion of an infamous clip from the Bitconnect blockchain-based Ponzi scheme promotional video, when Sam talks about “the security of blockchain” near the beginning of this video! Sam certainly knows his references, and that tiny little detail is something only a crypto geek would catch, and I loved it! So shady, Sam!


And if you are not familiar with the Bitconnect meme, here it is in all its glory:

Somnium Space may have been a sponsor of this video, but I’m not entirely sure that the company really knew what they were getting into with Sam Tucker! Still, it’s a very funny, well-done video, and any promotion is good promotion, right?

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