Editorial: Do You Feel Like I Am Neglecting Your Social VR/Virtual World on This Blog? Well, Here’s What You Can Do About It!

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I am feeling very irritated this morning. Let me tell you why.

When I write this blog, I choose topics that interest me and engage me, whatever is topmost in my mind, and what I think my readers would be interested in. This is (mostly) a labour of love; I do this because I love social VR and virtual worlds, and I love writing about them. And because I now write about so many platforms, it is inevitable that some will get less coverage. I can’t treat everybody equally; it’s impossible.

But lately, I am getting feedback from certain metaverse-building companies that somehow feel that they have been slighted, if I do not mention them in my blog, even in more general blogposts. (And no, I am not naming names. You can guess who you are.) At which point, makes what I do less a labour of love, and more of a chore, an obligation—in short, a job.

Let me make this perfectly clear: your company has ZERO right to complain to me if I am writing about your social VR/ virtual world (and thereby promoting it) FOR FREE, WHEN and IF I feel like writing about your product. If you are so unhappy with how often I do (or don’t) mention your company on my blog, and you expect me to provide more coverage of your platform, then that becomes a job, for which I expect to be paid. My current rate is US$50 per sponsored blogpost. I do not have an exclusive sponsorship deal with Sinespace, and I would gladly welcome more sponsors.

And if you really want to see your brand name appear on my blog more often, then please consider purchasing advertising space. You’ll find that I have quite reasonable rates, which I will be increasing in the new year, as I now have approximately twice as many viewers (according to my WordPress blog statistics) as I did when I first posted those rates a year ago. So if you want the best advertising rates, I suggest that you lock them in now.

If you are not a sponsor of my blog, or an advertiser on my blog, then I suggest you think carefully before you criticize me for what you see as a lack of coverage of your platform on my blog. If you want me to write about your product regularly (instead of when I feel like it), then you should consider paying me for my work.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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