Home Sweet Victorian Home in Second Life: 1,600 New Victorian Linden Homes Become Available This Week in South Bellisseria

Avatars gathered at the edge of the new land this morning, eagerly awaiting
their chance to get a new Victorian home in south Bellisseria.

Well, today was the day! The newest batch of 1,600 Victorian Linden Homes in southern Bellisseria is being made available to Premium members, starting this afternoon and running throughout the day today. Apparently the servers are overloaded, so you will probably get a few error messages like I did, before your transaction is finally accepted.

Patch Linden just posted:

The team has been hard at work over the past several months putting together what we think is our most stunning release to date.

The Victorian homes have some brand new features such as: 

• A choice of 4 stylish Victorian houses.
• The ability to change the interior walls to whatever color you want, via an in-built color picker HUD.
• Multiple rooms with interior doors.
• Front, back and/or wrap around porches.
• Stunning, vast Victorian landscaping.
• A warm and vibrant community.
• Railway accessible

Nearly 1,600 Victorian homes will launch this week, the majority of them happening today (Monday, 16 December, 2019).  Plus another 500 coming before the end of the year!

In addition to that, over 1,600 Traditional Homes, Houseboats and Campers will be released later this week!

The green arrow shows where I landed up in south Bellisseria. I am quite happy with my location!

Here are a few shots of my new Victorian home, located above a railway line, next to a lovely bridge, and with a scenic porch view of the river below, and a second bridge! The landscaping is really very well done!

Earlier in the day, a group of eager wannabe landowners (and various hangers-on) gathered at the edge of the new land:

At one point, Patch Linden and a couple of Moles came out and chatted with us (Patch is at the centre bottom in this picture):

One funny lady had a sign with a PhotoShopped mock-up of what she wanted so badly!

Other virtual worlds would kill for the kind of raving fans that Second Life has! Where else would you find people camped out, eagerly waiting for their chance to snag a brand new home? Sinespace and all the other metaverse-building companies should be taking copious notes 😉

Congratulations to Linden Lab (ans especially Patch Linden and his team) on a successful roll-out of the new Linden Homes!

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