Project Athena: A Brief Introduction

Project Athena is one of the three known forks of the High Fidelity open-source software code that hope to carry on where HiFi left off, since High Fidelity is essentially shutting down operations as of January 15th, 2020.

The platform will feature:

  • Open-source code (Apache 2.0)
  • Decentralized servers: you host your own world the same way you do a website
  • Desktop and VR support: you do not need a VR headset to participate
  • In-world building and scripting using Javascript
  • 3D spatial audio

According to Kalila, the Project Lead:

We are a group of exclusively volunteers looking to continue the goal of the metaverse. There are about 5 actively working, 5 around and about and advising, and then 10 more that are around for help or advice where needed. In the team and group, yes, there are ex-HiFi employees and contractors who are passionate and want to continue working on this shared dream.

The Athena Project already has a GitHub and a Discord server set up.

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