Immersivt Issues an Updated English List of Social VR/AR Products for Virtual Meetings

Niclas Johansson of the Swedish company Immersivt (whom I have written about before) has just published an updated, English version of his report titled The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Meetings with VR/AR.

Niclas and I have one thing in common: we both are absolutely ruthless in hunting down social VR and AR products for our respective lists! In his updated list, I notice he mentions the following products, which I have not heard of before:

  • SculptrVR
  • Masterpiece
  • ARCall
  • IrisVR Prospect
  • Agority/Spinview
  • Flowtropolis
  • Alloverse

So, this means I get to do some more exploring and reporting! Watch for new blogposts about these products over the next little while. The marketplace for social VR/AR/MR/XR is indeed getting crowded!

Thanks to Vytek for the heads-up!

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