Scene of the Day: Rituals of the Hill

Ritual on the Hill 4 Oct 2017

Rituals of the Hill is a Hallowe’en experience created by Retro Metallic.

Useful Tip: Check the Sansar Status Page

Were you aware that Linden Lab maintains a Sansar status page? This is the first best place to look for information on those rare occasions when you cannot get in-world. For example, this is the message you get right now as LL works on updating the software:

Sansar Status Page 4 Oct 2017.png

Click the red button in the upper-right-hand corner of the Sansar status page to enter an email address to be notified when Linden Lab creates or updates an incident report. (You’ll have to verify that email address by clicking on a special link in an email they will send you.)

Pick of the Day: Sansar Customs

Sansar Customs is a new experience, evidently meant to showcase the custom vehicles created and sold by Sansar Studios in the Sansar Store. You are in a large hangar, where three different vehicles are on rotating displays: a futuristic robo rickshaw, an old steam carriage, and an old farm truck, a 1933 Viers pickup truck. Each is for sale for S$300.

Robo Rickshaw 3 Oct 2017
Robo Rickshaw
Steam Carriage 2 3 Oct 2017
Steam Carriage
Farm Truck 3 Oct 2017
1933 Viers Farm Truck