Scene of the Day: City Street Hotel

City Street Hotel 5 Oct 2017.png

Today’s Scene of the Day is an urban view from City Street Hotel, by Paul Lapointe.

Pick of the Day: Beach Basketball VR

Beach Basketball VR is an older experience that, folklore has it, was created by Bjorn Laurin (VP of Product for Sansar and Second Life) and his son, using components he purchased from the Sansar Store. Now officially by Sansar Studios, you arrive at this experience at the centre of a basketball court, fringed with palm trees, and set to pulsating music.

Beach Basketball VR 5 Oct 2017

There are six basketballs you can pick up and throw. I tried to make a basket in my VR headset but I am just a total klutz when it comes to sports, real or virtual! I also tried out the ability to pick up the basketballs in desktop mode, which is a new feature of the latest release of the Sansaar software, updated yesterday. I could pick the balls up, but I couldn’t figure out how to throw them in desktop mode! Someone has to explain that part to me…

Outside the basketball court is a red door, slightly ajar.

Beach Basketball VR2 5 Oct 2017

The red door is a teleporter that takes you to Kyle’s Hangout, a cosy bar with video games and a small theatre running the Kong: Skull Island trailer. (Interestingly, you cannot get to Kyle’s Hangout via the Atlas, only through the red door here.)

Beach Basketball VR 3 5 Oct 2017.png

Beach Basketball VR 4 5 Oct 2017

So for today’s Pick of the Day, you get two different experiences for the price of one!