Scene of the Day: Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle 3 Oct 2017

Today’s Scene of the Day is from an experience called Haunted Castle, created by MB Robonaught.

Going to the Max Event Oct. 3rd to 10th

As I have already mentioned on this blog, Second Life and Sansar creator Maxwell Graf is going through a personal crisis. In response, a large group of Second Life merchants have banded together and organized Going to the Max (here’s a link to the Facebook page). The many Second Life creators participating in this event have put up special items for sale, with (in most cases) 100% of the proceeds going directly to Max.

Going to the Max

Here’s my supermodel avatar Vanity Fair, wearing a leather-trimmed dress from ISON, bought at the Going to the Max event today. The detail work on this dress is amazing! The dress comes with a HUD which allows you to change the colour to white, grey, black, blue, beige, pink, green, burgundy, or the red you see here. You can pick this up for only L$495.

ISON dress 3 Oct 2017

Here’s the SLURL to the Going to the Max event, which runs Oct. 3rd through 10th:

Tell ’em Ryan/Vanity sent you!

Pick of the Day: Hallow’s Grove

Hallow's Grove 1 3 Oct 2017

Hallow’s Grove is a very well-done brand-new Hallowe’en experience by Patti Peregrine. The emphasis is on witchcraft, as you approach a starred circle with a hovering book of sorcery, and hear someone summoning the spirits. But there’s lots to see here, just watch out for unexpected teleports to places where you’d rather not be!

Hallow's Grove 2 3 Oct 2017.png