Pick of the Day: Scream Estate

Scream Estate is a Hallowe’en-themed Sansar experience by JCat. When you arrive, you are greeted with the following sign:

Scream Estate 22 Oct 2017.png

One of the biggest problems in Sansar so far is the lighting of experiences. Users in a VR headset see experiences lit much brighter than desktop (non-VR) Sansar users. JCat is to be commended for coming up with an elegant solution to this problem. Behind this sign is located a cobblestone plate that, when you walk on it, automatically brightens the Scream Estate experience for desktop users!

JCat explains how this magic was done:

The stepping stone has a volume trigger which activates Galen’s people sensor…..
I have a light in the center of the experience — way off the one side and far underneath the landscape (so it’s dark at first)…
The light is attached to a tiny object…which has Galen’s position script. When someone steps on the cobblestone. The position script lifts the object with the light all the way above the experience, so now it lights it up.
The one problem… if you’re in VR, and someone else is in desktop at the same time… it gets too bright for VR users, and by far, it is not as creepy. The experience for VR users is automatically set to correct lighting. Desktop is much darker (by default) than when in VR.
A very clever solution!
Scream Estate features a wandering maze of a house, you never know what you will encounter just around the corner!
Scream Estate 3 22 Oct 2017
JCat’s experience is well worth a visit, if for no other reason than to test out his ingenious solution to an experience lighting problem that bedevils many Sansar creators.