Important Update: Linden Lab Will NOT Enforce Credit Cards for Sansar Store Sellers

Sansar Store 27 Sept 2017

It would appear that Linden Lab has listened to the many sellers who were quite vocal in their disapproval about an upcoming change to the Sansar Store where they would have had to register a credit card in order to continue to sell.

Effective immediately, Linden Lab will not be enforcing the credit card requirement. Here’s a direct quote from Jenn, the Community Manager of Sansar:

Following helpful feedback from Sansar’s creator community, we will not be enforcing the credit card requirement at this time.

Requiring sellers to have payment information on file will help us to combat undesirable behavior in the Store, but we understand that creators around the world may not have a credit card for a variety of reasons.

We are working to support other payment methods, such as PayPal, and plan to revisit this requirement for sellers once we have more available options.

This is good news for the many sellers who did not have (or did not wish to use) a credit card!



The Drax Files Radio Hour: Sansar Is Here, Now What?

Drax Files

After taking a break for the summer, Draxtor Despres revived his long-running Drax Files Radio Hour podcast, this time with special guests Dulce Baerga and Kelvin D. Olson talking with Drax on the topic: Sansar is Here: Now What?

(I’m pretty sure that’s my avatar in the centre of his photo, as we were out on an Atlas Hopping adventure with Berry and Drax!)

Pick of the Day: Skeleton Crypt

Skeleton Crypt is another Hallowe’en-themed Sansar experience (we can expect a few more, especially with the Sansar Scariest Experience contest). Cat created some well-animated skeletons to populate her experience! I particularly like the “DJ” spinning two ancient gramophones with a collection of Hallowe’en records at her feet!

Skeleton Crypt 1 2 Oct 2017

Pick up a glass of blood wine and an eyeball hors-d’oeuvre and hang with the skeletons!

Skeleton Crypt 2 2 Oct 2017Skeleton Crypt 3 2 Oct 2017