Pick of the Day: The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood 2 6 Oct 2017

The Neighborhood is a large night-time suburban experience created by BlackNewsMan, who describes it as:

The Neighborhood, designed for Cars, Motorcycles, Street Racing, Basketball, Football, and more…

There are a large variety of buildings: homes, apartments, factories, a grocery store/gas station, a marvelous old gothic church with illuminated stained-glass windows. You wander down the street, past a fast-food truck up on cement blocks, and a  four-way video screen at a nearby intersection is blaring the music video Happy by Pharrell Williams.

The Neighborhood 6 Oct 2017

The music video aside, it’s all very quiet and a bit spooky without the people!


You Can Help Jo Yardley of 1920s Berlin Get a New Computer


Jo Yardley is the builder of the 1920s Berlin Project and Time Portal sims in Second Life. For years, she has just barely been getting by on two very old computers, and she has finally reached the point where she admits she needs help getting together enough money to buy herself a new laptop. This would allow her to continue her work in SL, as well as to get to finally see Sansar!

She has decided to take the advice of many people (including me) and start a GoFundMe page, to raise 1,500 Euros towards a new laptop. I just heard about it today, and I was astonished to find that she has already raised 782 Euros in just 5 days! People have been very generous, and I wanted to tell you about Jo’s GoFundMe page so you can support this effort too.

There are rewards for each level of giving, from 5 Euros all the way up to 500 Euros! You can also make an anonymous donation if you wish. Jo has given us all so much with her tireless work in keeping the 1920s Berlin sim running smoothly, this is the very least that we can do to thank her.