I honestly don’t know what the deal is with Sansar and giraffes. It seems to be a sort of in-joke, something along the lines of Second Life and hippos (something else I also seem to have missed out on). Torley Linden has said, in answer to the question “Where are the giraffes?”:

Some of the giraffes are in upcoming scenes not yet released. There is at least one giraffe reference on a Sansar Studios avatar outfit, though.
You may have to zoom in.
Anyways, the creators in Sansar have been a pretty restive bunch of late, complaining about various new store policies, and so the artist Silas Merlin (a.k.a. Jean-François Le Saint) has created giraffes with pitchforks (available for free in the Sansar Store), used with great effect in this picture:


Atlas Hopping Episode Eight, with Strawberry Singh

Drax was off sick and I completely forgot about it this past Saturday, but fortunately, Strawberry Singh didn’t forget!

So here is Strawberry’s livestream of Episode Eight of Atlas Hopping in Sansar! In this episode she, Richardus Raymaker, and their merry band of adventurers visited five different experiences:

The party seems to have had more than their fair share of technical difficulties this time around!

Pick of the Day: Witchy’s Upside Down

Witchy's Upside Down 1 10 Oct 2017.png

Witchy’s Upside Down is sort of Beverly Zauberflote’s flip-side, hell-scape version of her other Sansar experience, Witchy’s Sandbox. Where in the latter there are quaint cottages, in Witchy’s Upside Down we see only burned-out shells. (The skeleton placidly watching a black-and-white movie on an old-fashioned 1950s TV set amid all the wreckage is a nice touch.)

Witchy's Upside Down 2 10 Oct 2017

Be sure to explore all the parts of this experience, or you’ll miss some of the scariness!