I honestly don’t know what the deal is with Sansar and giraffes. It seems to be a sort of in-joke, something along the lines of Second Life and hippos (something else I also seem to have missed out on). Torley Linden has said, in answer to the question “Where are the giraffes?”:

Some of the giraffes are in upcoming scenes not yet released. There is at least one giraffe reference on a Sansar Studios avatar outfit, though.
You may have to zoom in.
Anyways, the creators in Sansar have been a pretty restive bunch of late, complaining about various new store policies, and so the artist Silas Merlin (a.k.a. Jean-François Le Saint) has created giraffes with pitchforks (available for free in the Sansar Store), used with great effect in this picture:


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