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Inara Pey blogs the in-world Sansar Product Meetups held on Thursday, October 26th.

Stupid Pictures Promoting Virtual Reality

I know, this is off-topic, but I need to get this off my chest!

I swear I am going to create a blog just to showcase the incredibly stupid pictures that news organizations use to illustrate their stories on virtual reality! Here’s the latest one I found (from

Stupid Pictures Promoting Virtual Reality

Like Madonna said: Strike a poseI have no idea what the guy in the back with the long hair is doing…

And then there’s this one. Who the hell puts bling on their VR headset?!?? (

Bling on a VR headset.png

But my all-time favourite stupid VR photo is this one…. I keep seeing this same stock photo of a girl on a bicycle wearing a VR headset, over and over again on different news articles about virtual reality. Yes, let’s go for a bike ride while our vision is totally blocked by a VR headset! Talk about a set-up that will lead you straight to the hospital emergency room! (…/chinas-retailers-lead-augmented-an…)

VR headset on a bicycle 12 Sept 2017.png

UPDATE 12:25 p.m.: I actually discovered the source of this last image, on the free photos website Pixabay!

….and all of this stupidity suddenly reminded me of my all-time-favourite stupid book cover of the past decade:

My vote for stupidest book cover of the decade.

Let me ask you: what so what does this woman think she’s doing in virtual reality? It doesn’t help that the book title is a not-so-subtle pun.